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Tattoos by Cris Gherman Tattoo Artist

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Rose Tattoo
Twisted and Beautiful
Go Pro Eye Tattoo shot
Storm in the Eye
Butterflies Tattoo
Skull Eye Concept
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Surreal Sleve Tattoo
Holding on the Family roots
Dia de Los Muertos Tattoo
Grim the Reaper
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Buddha Tattoo
Eye and Girl Tattoo
Rose Tattoo
Buenavista Skull
Clown Tattoo
Double Iris
Salvador Dali Tattoo
Poppy Tattoo
Winter Eye Tattoo
Cat Eye Tattoo
Wasp Tattoo
atomic post apocalyptic chest tattoo
Pirate Ship Tattoo
Aligator Eye
Ancient Aliens Sleeve Tattoo
Crazy Eye Tattoo
pixelated rose
Zombie Girl Tattoo
Bane from Batman tattoo
Girl Skull Tattoo
Steampunk Tattoo
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